1989 Williams Earthshaker!

This one came from the White Rose Classic gameroom show in York PA. One of those outdoor flea-market sales, where the guy says "oh yeah, it works great, just needs a fuse or something." At least all the boards were in the backbox. Got it home, and there were (surprise!) a few problems.

(sorry about the camera flash on the playfield glass)

After fixing the alphanumeric display (one display glass was blowing the power supply every time I repaired it) and a few other touchups, it's a great-playing game. Coin door was repainted before we got it, but the re-assembly and rewiring was a little wierd.

They also hadn't bothered making the door operate smoothly before repainting it, but it's all good now. A few plastics (including the two slings) are cracked, the one over the Zone 5 saucer is missing.

Playfield is mylared, though not 100% covered. There are some worn areas - the flipper inlanes, especially where the ball drops on the playfield, and some wear around the pop bumpers where the mylar isn't. The part of the playfield that you play on is in great (mylar) shape.

The backglass image at the top of this page is after I touched it up on the computer (so I could print a smaller clean copy). There are a few scrapes in the real backglass - two in the EARTHSHAKER title, and another in the bottom right corner, slicing the guy's hand in half.

Like I mentioned out on the other page, the shaker motor is good and strong. I've got it set to the less-active setting so it doesn't shake the whole house. In an arcade or basement with a concrete slab floor you'd probably want it at full power, but it's too much in my house. The "fault" works fine - California and Nevada separate and come back together. This isn't a prototype game, so the Earthquake Institute building doesn't move up and down.

Feel free to email me with any questions or photo requests.

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