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Here's what we've got in stock right now - starting prices and condition are as shown. Photos can be seen by clicking the name of the game below. Got questions on a specific area of a specific game? We'll take digital photos whereever you'd like. Most machines come with a manual, but not all of them do.

Earthshaker1989(manual) Complete, working 100%. Shaker motor scares my cat. Non-moving (standard) building. Backglass has two 1/4"-sized scrapes, otherwise perfect. All lamps working. Previously on location at the YMCA of Saratoga. 
Funhouse1988(manual) Complete, slight wear in left ball drop area. Rudy works 100%. This is not the fixer-upper shown in my Funhouse repair pages 
Juke Box1976(schematic only) Electromechanical, complete, not working 100%. Player 1 works, 2 nearly works, 3 and 4 are bypassed. Several broken scoring reel board connectors have been replaced. Game is in the basement right now, being worked on.$200
Medieval Madness1998Only available as an empty box. Artwork 99% complete.$2.79
Shadow1995(manual) Complete, working. Ball lock area in front of brick wall is just starting to wear - paint is still intact. Playfield otherwise perfect, Phurbas and Battlefield work 100%. 
Whirlwind1990(manual) Complete, working. Recently replaced spinner decals. Includes working fan in cloud on backbox. Presently on location at the YMCA of Saratoga. 

Contact us by email at All machines are presently in Saratoga NY (zip 12866), about an hour north of Albany NY. Delivery within a 2-hour radius is available, but we'd prefer you see the machine in person before a deal is made.

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Last updated 3/14/05