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Well, here's the history of Funhouse # 50003 573937's recovery. It lived the end of its commercial life in the student union gameroom at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an engineering school near Albany NY. Joseph Nebus first mentioned it being in the gameroom in '94, according to a article which is available from Google's newsgroup archive.
Then all the machines in the gameroom got cleaned over the Christmas break...
here might be another post (8/25/96) from the same guy, with a comment on the lack of maintenance.
He later described the condition of the game on 12/12/96.
One more, from when the game actually left the building (1/17/97).

The game was offered to me as a parts machine in September 1996. In January of 1997, Joseph mentioned the Funhouse had been taken out of the RPI arcade. Sometime in June I caught up with it, to find it had been sitting quietly in the back room at the arcade I was purchasing it from. It wasn't until August of 1997 that I got my hands on the game. Still, for the price (I gave him $100) it's considerably better than a parts machine. Probably not worth the time and effort it would take for a professional to fix it up, but for a home-use machine and a pinhead with some spare time available, it's a deal.

Here's a small list of what's broken

[Rudy needs a bath] Also, when I picked up the game, the arcade owner wasn't there to unlock it for me. Once I got to the inside of the game and the controls, I found out the bookkeeping audits hadn't been reset since August 1991, the last time the clock was set. In that time, it had absorbed $21,500 or so in quarters - and it was set for 0.25/play when I got it. Not too bad!

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