Rebuilding a Funhouse

Rudy's Lampshade

This isn't really a problem... just a tiny thing that makes the game different from the factory original.

[Front View] Here's a view from the front of the game, showing the lampshade mounted over the trapdoor. Usually it's on a standoff, a little higher over the plastic ramp, but that apparently broke off a while ago. This still works, though the trapdoor gets pretty close to banging the lamp... Rudy isn't feeling well today. That's the back of his head lying on the playfield.

[Side View] Here's an end view of the lampshade, taken through the glass. Kinda fuzzy, but you can make out the shape of the shade. As long as the player isn't blinded by the lamp, it's just fine.

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last twisted 10/20/97 by tom