1977 Stern Stingray

We got this one as part of a package deal, not really expecting anything great. It was dirty and neglected, but cleaned up really well. Lots and lots of Novus and muscle (and nothing else to do during a Northeast winter). Turns out that the local YMCA has a swimming team, called the Saratoga Stingrays. Once it was cleaned up and running, the machine went to their gameroom, and all proceeds from the game are given back to the Stingrays team, to help defray costs for uniforms and sponsor memberships for disadvantaged kids. Anyway, you're here for the photos:

Yes, the red is nearly all faded and somewhat see-through...

I blanked out the rest of the junk in my basement with a nice blue (better than seeing the junk!) The rear of the machine is held up by a table - that's why there are no legs on back.

Here's the lower half of the playfield, after the Sharpie touchup (like I learned on EBay!) but before stealing the rollover button from the right lane to replace the center Advance Bonus rollover. The rollover cap was still in the cabinet, so I carefully drilled out the center, countersunk a hole for a #4 flathead screw, and mounted it in the center of the five rollovers. Then I neglected to adjust all the rollover switches, so one or two of them bounce a little, giving you a fifth (or sixth) scoring ding to compensate for the missing button.

Drop targets - cleeeean!

Playfield - shiny!

Okay, so there are lightbulb burn marks on the pops. And don't try cleaning these guys with Novus #2! The red ink/paint cleans off really well.

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