1989 Williams Whirlwind

This one came from the parking lot at the Allentown Pinball Wizards show in PA. Lots of people were passing this one by, I guess because of the condition of the cabinet. But the playfield is great! And what do you play, the cabinet or the playfield? Wedge this one in between your other machines, and you won't even see the sides of the cabinet.

Translight is in great shape (sorry about the flash)

The fan-in-the-cloud on top of the backbox works well - a nice breeze in the summer when you're racking up a good score. There's a small section of the plastic surround missing at the bottom. The finger guard screen is all there, as well as the screen section at the fan inlet on top.

99% of the playfield is in great shape. The spinner decals are new reproductions (around 2000 sometime) from Alan Mayer. I also have the repro sling plastics which will be included, and the replacement drop target sticker set. The spinners are installed, the other parts are still in their baggies.

Standard ball marks where the ball drops onto the playfield, mostly in the blue multiball lock area. The left inlane shows a little wear as well. You'll see this kind of wear on most older games where the ball drops from overhead onto the same spot on the playfield.

Now on to the exterior damage.

This machine was treated pretty roughly in a truck somewhere, in its past.

Someone also thoughtfully scratched their initials on the side of the cabinet. The front of the game (the part you see most of the time, when you've got a few games together side by side) is in much better shape. The yellow artwork has been worn down some near the start button, showing how popular this game was in its former working life.

Feel free to email me with any questions or photo requests.

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